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Oracle Database 10g is a single integrated platform that supports SQL, XML, and procedural languages capability areas in a simple fashion with high performance and scalability.

Oracle database bring into the world of application development some of the most important core strength and capabilities: OLTP, Analysis, Relational Data (Structured),Documents (Unstructured), Messages (Semi-Structured), Integration and Transformation, Business Logic.

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Oracle overview


SQL*Plus, the primary interface to the Oracle Database server, provides a powerful yet easy-to-use environment for querying, defining, and controlling data. SQL*Plus delivers a full implementation of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, along with a rich set of extensions. The exceptional scalability of the Oracle Database, coupled with the object-relational technology of SQL*Plus, allows you to develop your complex datatypes and objects using Oracle's integrated systems solution.


The SQL/XML standard defines how SQL can be used in conjunction with XML in a database, including detailed definition of a new XML type, the values of an XML type, mappings between SQL constructs and XML constructs, and functions for generating XML from SQL data. Since Oracle Database 9i Release 2, SQL/XML features have been supported as an integral part of the Oracle SQL engine, which also provides additional SQL extensions to support querying, updating, and transformation of XML data. As a founding member, Oracle continues to drive the SQL/XML committee efforts to standardize these extensions.

Database Web Services

The Oracle Database can function in two different modes to support Web services development and deployment:
Database as Web Services Provider: Database operations and data retrieval are executed through Web Services mechanisms. In conjunction with Oracle Application Server Web Services Framework, Oracle Database allows instant interoperability and consistent Web services development and deployment.
Database as Web Services Consumer: External Web Services are included as part of a SQL query or database batch processing.

Source: Oracle

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